So, you want to build a Personal Brand in 2020?


Let me first Congratulate you as you have taken the best decision of your life.

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Ok, now Leornado and I congratulated you, It is important that you know the exact strategies I have used and the ones which will help you BOOST you Personal Brand in 2020.

Before we go ahead, you can also watch the video I made below which can help you get some insights!

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So, let’s get started!

1. Build a Community

Building a community is one of the best ways to build your personal brand, increase your authority and become a thought leader!

When you share something with your Audience of let’s say 100 Members, you are increasing your chances of them buying something from you in future!

If you want to monetise your Online Presence, you can read this guide on how to make money online

I have built my own Facebook Community and it is yielding great results, community is growing and the trust levels are going high. It has crossed 120 Members as on January 5 and is growing at a high rate with a lot of valuable posts already injected!

Digital Marketing Practitioners Facebook Group

You can build communities anywhere you want, for example :

  • Telegram communities are working like charm, go and create one at
  • Create a Facebook Group and invite your first few friends and known people to grow the Initial traction.
  • You can also create communities on discord (though it is for gamers, but still works to build a community)

I will create a blog post where I determine the strategies on how to create and grow a community! You up for it? Let me know in the comments.

2. Leverage Quora

Quora Official Logo
Official Logo of Quora!

I am going to be really serious about Quora in 2020 as one of the most important personal branding strategies.

People ask me : “Karan, How can I grow Organically on the Internet?”

I often talk about the Social Media Channels but always miss out Quora.

My friend recently told that his answer got 60,000+ Views on Quora which is an achievement in itself ORGANICALLY.

So, What you can do on Quora?

  • Start searching for questions where you are an expert at and keep a target of answering at least 2 a day!
  • Start promoting your answers on Social Media Platforms to get more reach.
  • Start advertising your answers on Quora to get more reach, which can get you more traffic, leads and create a valuable audience!

Go ahead and create your own Quora Profile and start writing, you can also provide a link back to your website to get backlinks and to drive traffic to the relevant pages.

Here is a Guide from Neil Patel which he wrote on Quora Marketing. Check it out here!

3. Leverage Paid Ads!

Paid Ads

Today’s era is of ‘PAY TO PLAY’ and it is one of the best personal brand strategies you really can’t afford to miss in 2020! PLEEEEASE!

Gone are the days when you post something on Facebook and it would reach 60% of your audience!

Today it is less than 1%, guess what does it mean?

Even if you put your hard work into creating amazing content, only less than 1% of your audience is going to see it which is really NOT A GOOD SIGN!

So, What is the solution?

Paid Ads!

You are missing out on a huge potential by not advertising on the Major Attention-Gaining platforms.

Below are the advantages of Paid Advertising :

  1. Paid Ads can help you reach your exact target audience.
  2. It can help you sell your products/services and create a strong personal brand at the same time.
  3. It can help you get more blog readers and increase your email subscribers which in-turn can help you sell more later by nurturing that list.
  4. It doesn’t cost much (If done right)

The best platforms for advertising in 2020 which will cost you peanuts to reach your target audience are Facebook and Instagram

I have an article on 5 best practices for Facebook ads that converts. You can check that out too.

Instagram is dirt cheap right now. Especially, Instagram Story Ads! It is very important for you to go ahead and start leveraging these platforms for your personal branding growth before the ad costs shoot up!

I will be creating a guide on Instagram Ads very soon. Let me know in the comments if you need me to create the same 🙂

4. Start Podcasting!

Please Start recording your Voice!

I have my own podcast by the name The Karan Parwani Show.

It gained around 500+ Downloads in less than 1 month of its launch. I started by interviewing Influencers and delivering value to my audience. Believe me, podcasting works.

There are 750000+ Podcasts all around the world compared to 1 Billion blogs. So, you still have a chance to go for it!

I have also recorded a YouTube video on How to Start a Podcast. You can check it out here.

Check out the graph above which is provided by Google Trends, It shows the increasing popularity of Podcasts in the past 5 years and the willingness of the audience to listen to the same.

People are sometimes lazy. They need to LISTEN TO VALUE while they are driving, while working out in the GYM or while writing an article.

How can Podcasts help you?

  1. It can definitely help you increase your authority
  2. When you invite guests on your podcast, you first, increase your authority, you get a chance to pick your brain, you can add more value to your audience.
  3. Google is now embedding podcasts on Google search, more Keyword Focused Podcasts you can create, you can get more awareness on the SERP too. Great, right?
  4. Podcasts are easily consumable and easy to make too, you can start by creating your own with
  5. If you record Podcasts in the video format, you can also post it on YouTube and get more views.

I have already recorded this article in a crux in the format of a podcast, you can listen to the same below :

See, it was fast to consume, right?

I just picked up my phone and started recording, took me a total of 10-12 Mins to publish the same.

Moral of the story, START PODCASTING! 🙂

5. Create Micro Videos

micro videos

Instagram is booming with Micro Videos (Videos which can be consumed in less than 3-5 Minutes)

Avi Arya from Micro Video Mastery has built his Digital Agency Internet Moguls with the help of Micro Videos (Agency is serving 700+ Clients and has 225+ Moguls). See the power?

As a picture says a 1000 words, a Video says 1000 Pictures. I have tested videos on Ads, on my Social Media and posted on YouTube. Believe me, People connected more!

How can Micro Videos help you?

  1. It can help you get more clients
  2. It can help you connect with your audience more.
  3. It can help you sell your products/services or affiliate products too.
  4. It can boost your self-confidence and help you get more followers
  5. It will really separate you from individuals not creating Micro Videos!

There are a LOT other benefits!

I will soon write an article on how to create micro videos or videos in general. Hope it will add value to your personal branding efforts!

6. Consistency.

nothing works, if you don't


You can apply all the 5 strategies mentioned above.

They all are doable and very much applicable. BUT,

If you are NOT CONSISTENT in applying the above strategies, YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL.

If I would have stopped at my 2nd YouTube video, I wouldn’t be nearing to 100 Subscribers. (Yes, as a Creator I am really proud to have 100 People connected to my YouTube channel).


I would say, Master Consistency, rest of it you will figure it out. Go and Crush it!


Let’s Conclude!

These 6 Personal Branding Strategies are a must to have in 2020 in order to create a Strong Personal Brand :

1. Build a Community.

2. Leverage Quora.

3. Leverage Paid Ads

4. Start Podcasting

5. Create Micro Videos.

6. Be Consistent.

Let me know in the comments your favourite strategies and what are you doing to make your Personal branding efforts more Efficient in 2020!

See you later,


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