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How a Google Search Changed my life?

DISCLAIMER: This Piece of Information can help you to start a business or a blog or simply can change your life in a positive way. I warn you to be ready for it and go for it TODAY!

So, Welcome Pal. I am so happy you are here today 🙂 I can’t believe I am able to influence and train people like YOU. I want to share with you how I started what I started and why it is important for you to know this.

Let’s spin the wheel back to 2017, the time when I was a normal kid who wanted more out of my life. I neither had dreams nor had 0 Knowledge about Marketing, Business or Entrepreneurship. I had to, as they say ‘figure out’ something which I can do for the rest of my life.

It was an era when Digital Marketing was at a rise in the country. I would hear this word every day in my life, and me being a curious soul, couldn’t control myself. So I was in my college at that time and there was a workshop organized by college authorities on Digital Marketing. My mind said, “Today, You have to de-code what Digital Marketing is KID” and I attended the workshop.

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After attending the workshop, I was completely convinced that this is the path I have to take. Help Businesses make more money by providing Digital Marketing Services and grow my career in this field! Below is a form of transformation my life took when I went for the Digital Marketing training to one of the premier institutes in Bengaluru, India.

I realised how a BIG FOOL I was, completely unaware about Digital Marketing and how it can completely change Businesses.

After I got trained in Digital Marketing, I opened Wedoeconsult, My Digital Agency after few months.

It was the changing moment for my life. After 2 Years, we have served 50+ Clients and had 50+ Impacts, Featured in Silicon India’s 2018 Edition and have been recognised by Startup India Initiative by Modi Government.

I had Co-Trained Startups on Digital Marketing at Ginserv, One of India’s biggest Incubation firm based in Bengaluru and run The Karan Parwani Show : Entrepreneurship and Marketing Podcast.

From July 2020 – August 2021, I Served as the CMO at HighonM, a SaaS and Training Solutions Organisation located in Gurugram, India.

From August 2021 – September 2022, I Served as the CMO at Buzet Web Digital, One of the fastest growing digital solutions agency in India.

Fast forward to 2023, I now serve as the Growth Marketer and Consultant for 99Robots.com and RocketHub.com

I run my own YouTube Channel with 640+ Subscribers here

I even consult founder and SaaS organisation to help them get more leads, signups, trials and subscribers for their solutions.